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Thread: [AJAX] Live Search

Description: Search without reload pages: by threads, by users with many sort criteria.
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    [AJAX] Live Search

    Description: Search without reload pages: by threads, by users with many sort criteria.

    search only, if typed >= 3 symbols;
    header to window with button close;
    message about no result;
    limit number of threads;
    highlight words in result
    trim title of thread, if it large (optional)
    edit position of pop-up window
    work with vBadvanced
    limit the number of displayed results
    group permission
    search by your own forums
    sort results of search
    mod makes only one query to db
    full compatibility with styles and browsers
    search by individual words
    integrate option into standard search
    search only the specified length of each word
    users search
    interval requests
    wrote 2 js class
    able to drag'n'drop window
    Search by threads now produced on an index table thread (fulltext - optional), which increases the speed of search
    Changed the type of floating window (refused vbmenu)
    popup transplanted to the div's in tact vb4 (tried to get the maximum sync with the style and API)
    (for non english users) offer the ability to change the keyboard layout: if by the word search returns zero results, it will try to verify whether the correct layout are the words, checking every word of the existence of the database as a dictionary. In functions_livesearch.php you can find table of characters

    Upload all files and import the product. That's all you need.
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