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Thread: Import / Export BBCodes as XML files (updated by BOP5)

Description: For vB Version: 4.x.x
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    Import / Export BBCodes as XML files (updated by BOP5)

    The purpose of this mod is to give vBulletin the much needed ability to quickly import and export BB Codes as .xml files. Imagine importing a single file rather than going through all the steps of copying & pasting code to install a new BB Code.

    The original mod was a good start but it needed serious updating for vBulletin 3.8 & 4.x.

    Some changes from the original mod:

    Had to change a variable name due to a conflict
    Had to add support for additional BBCode options
    Had to have the mod refresh the BBCode Cache upon upload of a new BBCode

    This mod does not have any product/install XML file.

    To install simply upload the two files and refresh/reload your Admin CP page. You will see the new option "Import/Export BBCodes" under "Custom BB Codes" on the side menu.

    To upgrade simply overwrite the two files.

    To uninstall simply delete the two files.

    bbcodes_impex.php - Goes in your admincp directory
    cpnav_ieb.xml - Goes in your includes/xml directory

    Once installed importing and exporting of BBCodes is fairly self-explanitory.

    You can only upload BBCodes saved in this specific XML style.

    You can download more BBCodes in this format from:

    Many more wll be added soon.

    Tested and working with vBulletin 3.8.7. 4.0.8, and 4.1.5. Expected to work on all vB 3.7, 3.8, and 4.x versions.
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